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The US Catholic Conference of Bishops has recently approved our request to send one of their select Eucharistic Preachers to speak to our community on this great mystery of our faith.
Our Diocese of Rochester has launched the 2022-2023 Catholic Ministry Appeal. The purpose and necessity for the CMA is unchanged after 40 years. We are responsible for continuing the Church’s mission throughout good times and bad – through prosperous times and lean times. People are still poor, hungry, in need of pastoral care, education and employment.
On August 18th I received a phone call from Father Paul Tomasso telling me that Father John O’Connor had died. He also informed me that Father O’Connor asked that I preach at a Vesper Service at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Brighton, on the evening before his funeral Mass.
Labor Day has come and gone ! The schools have begun a new year and the fall weather is becoming more evident. This week our new Pastoral Council will be meeting as well. The members of this year’s Council are John Schmitt, Tom Steger, Anne Miller, Joe Gagnon, Cathy Sheils, Lori Kupiec, and Luke Gentry.
As the sun rises to bring in the new day: We remember those who descend into the earth, their work begins in darkness, pulling from the earth, the resources we steward. We remember those who work inside a building away from the light and brightness of the day. We remember those who work outside in the harsh elements of our world, the bitter cold and sweltering heat of extremes. We remember those who do not have a job to go to, who are struggling to meet the needs of their daily living expenses, for whom the day becomes long and arduous.
As I was preparing to go on vacation I realized I had to do three bulletin articles before I left. So I thought it would be good to once again share with you some of our parish procedures.
I will be on vacation beginning this Thursday. I will be flying to St. Louis to visit my sister, Cathy’s family in Fenton, MO. It has been a while since I went to St. Louis. We think the last time I was there was to see the Dodgers and Cardinals in the 2014 playoff.
I have been a lover of baseball since I was very little. I loved playing the game and anything related. With the neighborhood kids we played various games. If it was just two of us, we played catch, if three of us we played “pickle’, the rundown game between two bases. If we were lucky enough to have more kids, we played a regular baseball game.
The Bishops in the United States have begun a three year National Eucharistic Revival. Throughout the summer I will be sharing with you material about the Eucharist, the Source and Summit of our lives. Are you coming or going? Do you ever wonder if you are coming or going?
Summertime is a time to reflect on the wonders of God’s creation. For us who experience such long winters, the days of summer are a blessing to enjoy, and hopefully a time for some leisure as well. I share with you today a prayer and a hymn that speak of the blessedness of Summer. s here