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2022-2023 Catholic Ministry Appeal

Our Diocese of Rochester has launched the 2022-2023 Catholic Ministry Appeal. The purpose and necessity for the CMA is unchanged after 40 years. We are responsible for continuing the Church’s mission throughout good times and bad – through prosperous times and lean times. People are still poor, hungry, in need of pastoral care, education and employment. The faithful are in need of ministry and a vibrant parish life. Our youth and young adults are yearning to learn and grow in their relationship with Christ. The Church and our Diocese are in need of trained and educated seminarians, deacons and pastoral leaders to lead our Church into the future. We cannot close our eyes to these needs even in these difficult times.

  • Gifts to the CMA can only be used for those items outlined in the budgeted CMA Allocations, in summary:
  • Providing diocesan-wide services to parishes & institutions
  • Serving people in need through Catholic Charities
  • Educating our young in the Catholic Faith
  • Supporting Seminarians, Deacons, Pastoral Leaders & Vocations
  • Funding Ministries of our Pope & Bishops
  • Funding Operations & Support Services
  • Supporting the CMA campaign

All monies raised in the CMA are only used for programs, services, and ministries for which they are designated. No gifts to the CMA will be used to satisfy legal fees or settlement cost associated with abuse.

The Catholic Ministries Appeal (CMA) is the annual appeal inviting Catholics in the Diocese of Rochester to join in partnership to advance the mission of the church. This year’s theme “I Am With You Always” reminds us of Christ’s words to His disciples before he ascended to heaven, commissioning them to teach, serve, and spread the Gospel message. In this year of embarking on the Church’s Eucharistic Revival, it serves as a guidepost for our connection and responsibility to others, for just as Jesus promises to be with us always, He commands us to love, to help, and to serve our sisters and brothers in Christ, especially the most vulnerable.

I am making my personal gift this year to help Good Shepherd Catholic Community reach our parish goal. I sincerely hope that you will as well. The CMA goal this year is $6.725 million, which is more than half of the Diocese $11.5 million dollars. and our parish goal this year is $40,000. Last year there were 107 donors from GSCC who gave to the appeal, down from other years. Hopefully, this year we can increase the number of households who participate. Remember the size of your gift is not what is most important, your participation in giving to the CMA is what helps to make the difference and helps to insure the ongoing ministries of the Church. Letters and postcards are being sent out to parishioners throughout the diocese with information on giving to the appeal. This year along with a link for online giving, text giving will also be an option. Please give your prayerful support. God’s bless you, Fr. Bill