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Mass Time Change in Aurora                            

Beginning April 24, the Second Sunday of Easter, the Noon Mass at St. Patrick Church, Aurora, will be moved to Sunday at 9:00 a.m. for the Summer, and hopefully through the Fall.   Father Richard Crawley will be assisting us on Sundays as a celebrant.

Father Richard has helped out in our churches in the past.  He is an OFM, Capuchin Father  who lives in Capuchin House in Interlaken, with Father Bernard Maloney, OFM Cap, who is the Pastor of  Mary, Mother of Mercy parish  that includes the churches in Interlaken, Ovid and Trumansburg. Father Maloney has agreed to allow Father Crawley to celebrate Mass for us as long as there are no difficulties covering the Masses at Mary, Mother of Mercy parish.

Father Richard and I will  be covering the 8:30 a.m. Sunday Masses in Moravia , and the 9:00 a.m. Sunday Mass in Aurora.  So you will see one or the other of us each weekend. Hopefully this schedule will work out as we go forward.  I will be looking as well for priests who can be backup for us. God’s blessings and peace, Father Bill

CRS Rice Bowl      

An Invitation to Journey Through Lent with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Rice Bowl DRIVEN BY A DREAM: Rwanda Gloriose Uwamahoro and her husband, Karekezi Jean Pierre, live in Kigali, Rwanda. They are no strangers to hardship and hard work, selling vegetables and water at a kiosk and a market from morning to late at night. Malnutrition is widespread in Rwanda. Their daughter, like many other children in Rwanda, was malnourished. Gloriose joined a US-funded project led by Catholic Relief Services to help the Rwandan government combat malnutrition. She learned about balanced meals, importance of good hygiene, and how to grow a kitchen garden for family food. Through a Catholic Relief Services micro-savings group, she learned how loans could help her grow their vegetable-selling business. Now the parents earn enough to feed their family and can afford to fulfill their dream of sending the children to school. Our sacrifices during this holy season of Lent have the power to change lives - deepening our faith and our connection to our one human family.                                                     

    Check out the series of short Stories  of Hope at          

Please help out people like Gloriose and Karekezi by supporting CRS Rice Bowl this Lent with your prayers, fasting and almsgiving