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Notes from Father Bill


As we come to the end of the month of June we also come to the close of the Fiscal Year for our parish.  It will be a while before the books are closed for the year; when they are we will be presenting a parish financial report in the fall.  A preliminary budget has been presented by the financial team from the Regional Financial Office in Auburn.  It is always our goal to submit a balanced budget for the net operating revenues and expenses.  Just like preparing a household budget there are always variable factors that can challenge or help the budget that is in place.  Many of those factors are out of our control, like whether we have a warm or cold winter, increases in insurance costs, and inflation.  Also, we might have to deal with unexpected maintenance costs. After carefully looking at our revenue stream for the past few years, we are thankful that the level of giving continues to meet our budgetary expectations.   I am ever thankful for your generous support.  In all likelihood we will be ending the year with a surplus.  We had hoped to do more of our maintenance projects this year but the availability of contractors and the increased cost and availability of building materials has slowed our efforts. Our Buildings & Ground Committee is working on estimates for projects that hopefully will be completed in the coming months.

Fuel Collection

Next weekend, July 2nd and 3th, there will be a special second collection to help with the upcoming winter fuel bills. We are assuming that the cost of heating our buildings will be higher next winter. Twice each summer on the Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends, we take up a second collection for heating costs.  In your envelope packets you will find an envelope for Utility & Energy Cost.  We ask that you use this envelope for these special collections. If you do not receive envelopes or if you are a visitor or a summer parishioner you can use the Fuel or Utility & Energy Costs envelopes that can be found in the pews.

The Annual Blessing of the Boats

Will take place Friday evening, July 1st, beginning at 6:00 p.m. and will take place behind the United Ministry of Aurora Church.  Boats are asked to gather in the water behind the church.  Following the blessing, there will be food and entertainment on the church lawn at St. Patrick Church, Aurora.  Live music will be provided throughout the evening.  Also, there will be a drawing for prizes. Come and enjoy one another’s company and the lakeside view of Cayuga for this annual community event.  Hopefully, it will be an evening with a beautiful sunset!  It will also give you the opportunity to take a tour of my flower gardens!                     
All are welcome come and enjoy!

God’s blessings and peace, Father Bill