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Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

As I was preparing to go on vacation I realized I had to do three bulletin articles before I left. So I thought it would be good to once again share with you some of our parish procedures. People have raised the question how can I get in touch with a priest if I need one? The easiest way is to call the church office in Aurora. The church office number is 315-364-7197. If you cannot reach anyone and it is an emergency, you can text me at 607 -761-6117 or email me at

Mass cards for the deceased or for the living can be obtained at the church office in Aurora. Also, Mass cards can be picked up at any of the churches. In order to arrange a date for a Mass to be celebrated we ask you to call the Parish Office in Aurora. Robin Driskel, the office administrator, will schedule the Masses for you.

Regarding visitation of the sick and the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. I try to visit parishioners in the hospital when I am informed they have been hospitalized. When you or a member of your family is hospitalized, especially if they enter the hospital through the emergency room, please inform the admissions office of the hospital that you are Roman Catholic and a member of Good Shepherd Catholic Community parish, and that you would like someone from the church to visit you. With the new privacy laws without your permission the hospital cannot give us information that you are in the hospital. Please also call the parish office to inform us when a family member is in the hospital so we can visit. If you are going to have surgery, I encourage you to ask for the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. Many people schedule to receive the sacrament after Mass on the Sunday before their surgery. I periodically anoint all our parishioners and Catholic residents residing at Northwoods Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Moravia, (formally Howd Nursing Home) when we celebrate the monthly Mass there on the second Tuesday of the month. If anyone is in need of the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, please call the church office so arrangements can be made.

Regarding Church Envelopes: Envelope packets are sent to parishioners every two months. We encourage all parishioners to use the church envelopes on a regular basis. The regular Sunday collections are the primary way that monies are raised to meet the parish’s operating expenses. If you are not currently receiving envelopes we encourage you to do so by calling the parish office. Beside the regular Sunday collection envelopes there are also envelopes for second collections. Many of these are national or world-wide church collections like: Peter’s Pence, World Missions Sunday, and Campaign for Human Development. Once a month there is an envelope for a second collection that supports the church locally. Four times a year there is a collection for fuel (Utilities/Energy) to help meet the high cost of keeping our churches warm in the winter. Four times a year there is a collection for the Cemeteries to help with the maintenance costs of our five cemeteries. Twice a year there is a Catholic Courier collection to help defray the cost of our diocesan newspaper, and there are flower collections for Easter and Christmas. There are also envelopes for the Feast days that are the usual holy days of obligation during the liturgical year. Finally there is a Vacation Make-up envelope to allow you to give support for the weeks you were away from the parish. You also have the option of making your offerings on-line through WeShare, that can be accessed on our parish website. www.

God’s Blessings and peace, Father Bill