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Building Strong Catholic Families

Parents discipline their children. Why discipline a child? To help that child grow
into a virtuous adult. As we get older we may even discipline ourselves, for instance eating a certain diet to be in better health. The life of the Christian is one of discipline. The root of discipline is disciple. A disciple is one who follows Jesus in word and deed. That requires discipline. One discipline that we can all develop from child through adult is prayer.

2022-2023 Faith Formation Year
Program Spotlight: Allelu (PreK-Kindergarten) and Kindergarten Faith Club

Allelu is anchored with Child/Family activity sheets that are simply and easily connected to real life. They provide engaging and understandable prayers, activities, and saint stories, as well as brief, teachable insights for the entire family. Designed like placemats for the dinner table then can be integrated into positive family rituals such as eating a meal together.
Kindergarten Faith Club is a hybrid program of large group learning and fun and home study with parents. Students and parents
would meet two Sunday’s a month at the same time as Family of Faith.
HOMESCHOOL Families Meet and Greet, Sunday August 28th at 10:00am in St. Mary’s Hall. This is an information gathering of homeschool families to meet each other and share with each other plans for the upcoming school year. Those who are contemplating homeschooling their children are invited to come and ask questions of those who have the experience of homeschooling.

Program Spotlight: EDGE (6th-7th)

EDGE is a Catholic Middle School youth ministry program. It provides a safe and fun place for youth to find solid Catholic community, to get answers to their questions about faith, and most importantly to experience Jesus in a profound and personal way. Now more than ever middle school youth need the truth and love of Jesus Christ to guide their lives and they need the faith presented in a way that makes sense to them and is relevant to their lives.

EDGE will meet Monday evenings from 6:30pm to 7:45pm at St Francis, the same time as confirmation. The hope is that the transition from EDGE to Confirmation will be a seamless one as they will already have developed the routine of the Monday schedule. It

also gives more time for the students to form friendships and a faith community among themselves that will make these four years that much more meaningful and engaging. Furthermore, the hope is that it will be these friendships and faith community that will help keep them engaged in their journey of faith post confirmation.
Program Spotlight: Family of Faith, 1st through 5th grade
This parish family-based Catechism series covers the entire Catechism of the Catholic Church in four years and assists parents in teaching their children the Faith. One special advantage of teaching children catechism at home is that it is an opportunity to draw your family closer together. Catholic families not only learn the Faith but live it fully, becoming lifelong disciples. There will be two Sunday meetings a month. During the first meeting parents and students will learn separately. Parents will discuss that month’s lessons while students work on the first lesson with a catechist. At home, parents will review the first lesson and teach the second lesson. There are a variety of activities in each chapter to help the children to learn the key points of each chapter. At the end of the month, Catechists meet with the parents and their children to review and discuss what they have learned that month. There are also opportunities during the year for families to spend time with each other to support one another in this holy endeavor.