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Building Strong Catholic Families

In our families, we are able to share good news and bad news. All too often, because of our busy-ness, we find ourselves only dealing with the bad news. Start a family tradition of inviting each family member to share something good that happened to him or her that day as you gather for dinner. Explain that, in the Gospel for the Christmas Mass at dawn, the shepherds were told the good news of Jesus' birth by the angels, and then they in turn went forth to share with others the good news. Have family members read aloud Luke 2:15-20. Point out how the people who heard the good news of the shepherds were amazed. Talk about how Mary treasured all this in her heart, meaning that she pondered the significance of these events and sought to recognize God's presence in the midst of them. Talk about how you can each ponder one another's good news and see how God is present in your family's everyday lives. Conclude by praying together a Hail Mary.

A Year of Coming to Know God

The Angel Gabriel comes and tells her that she has been chosen to be the Mother of God. Satan came to tell Eve about making men into gods. Gabriel came to tell Mary about making God into Man. Gabriel explains that because this child will have God as His Father, there will be no need for Mary to cease being a virgin. In fact, her perpetual virginity will be the permanent sign that this child is of God – since it manifests that He’s not the child of any human father. In Mary, we see humanity responding to God as it should! We see humanity the way it’s supposed to be! She says, “I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38). This is something new! Acceptance and obedience towards God’s will! This is the beginning of a new direction for the human race.

Events this week: December 29- Bible Study, 11:00am, Nacca Hall OR 6:30pm, St. Mary’s Hall