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The ministry of John the Baptist prepared for and pointed to the ministry of Jesus. In a similar way, our lives are to offer testimony to who we know Jesus to be for us and for the world. Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. How does the witness of our lives give testimony to the reconciling presence of Christ? Consider how John the Baptist gives testimony to who Jesus is. Talk about what people might come to know about Jesus by observing your family life. Pray together that your family life will show others that Jesus is the Son of God, the lamb who takes away the sins of the world. Pray the Lord’s Prayer.

A Year of Coming to Know God

Jesus’ Mission to Suffer and Die for us

God has made a world in which our choices matter. So when we freely sin, the consequences spread like ripples on a lake, causing evil and suffering throughout the world. But God’s solution to the problem of evil is the ultimate act of creative genius. Christ took the ugliness of human life, concentrated at Calvary, and turned it into something beautiful, the way a great sculptor might recycle a pile of trashy tin cans and turn them into a magnificent metal statue. Now the world needs to know that the problem of evil and suffering finally has an answer in Jesus Christ. So who is going to spread the good news? 

Events this week:  

 January  15- Baptism Preparation Class for 1st time parents, 1:00pm, Parish Office

                18- RCIA/Adult Faith Formation, 6:30pm, St. John Bosco Faith Formation Center

                19- Bible Study, 11:00am, Nacca Hall OR 6:30pm, St. Mary’s Hall

                 21- 1st Communion Class, 9:00am, Nacca Hall

                 22- Kindergarten Faith Club, Family of Faith, EDGE, 9:30am, St. Mary’s                                               

                       FORMED this week or Family of Faith, 9:30am St. Patrick’s Cato


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