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Building Strong Catholic Families         

When someone in our family is going through a hard time, we can't just sit by and watch. We try to do everything we can to let him or her know that he or she is not alone. Sometimes we even try to find a special gift for him or her—something that will help that person to understand how important he or she is to us. Like a good father, God saw that his children needed help. He decided to offer his beloved children a special gift to reveal his love. What did God give us? Not a thing, but a person—the Father's beloved Son, Jesus. Jesus, in turn, taught us to approach God as we would approach a loving father. He gave us the words of a prayer that we call the Our Father, or the Lord's Prayer. Help your children understand that prayer is not like sitting on Santa Claus's lap, asking for what we want until we get it. Emphasize that prayer is a way of striving to recognize how God is reaching out to us in love and responding by presenting him with our needs. Conclude this time together by joining hands and praying the Lord's Prayer.  


2022-2023 Faith Formation Year

Registration is now open! We are also in need of catechists for all programs!

Contact the Faith Formation office for more information! Registrations Forms are in the church vestibules.   

Catechists are Needed!

The success of all our catechetical initiatives is due in part to our volunteer catechists. The work of catechesis is not just for the priest or director of religious education, but it is the work of all of us. We have needs in Family of Faith, 6th and 7th grade EDGE, 1st Penance/Communion, Confirmation, RCIA, Marriage, and Baptism Prep. The most important thing needed is a love of our Catholic faith and a desire to share that faith. The rest will come through training and mentorship.  The more catechists we have, the more opportunities we can give our young people and families to engage in a dynamic faith formation program.                                                                                

Contact the Faith Formation Office if you would like to learn more about the various Catechetical roles in our parishes