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Consecration to Mary                                         


What’s the point of consecration to Mary, anyway? What if I already have a devotion to Mary, pray the Rosary, and ask for her intercession? Consecration to Mary is simply a furthering and deepening of our devotion to and relationship with Jesus through Our Lady. If you already have an affection for Mary and talk to her often, consecration is a natural next step. But even if you don’t really know Our Lady yet and aren’t convinced of the hype, Marian consecration can be that bridge that unites you to her more deeply. Information session about upcoming Marian consecration will be Sunday June 26, 10:00am in St. Mary’s Hall.                                                                 Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Pray for Us!


Building Strong Catholic Families


Think of the last time you witnessed an act of selfless love in your family. Parents and caregivers of all kinds are called upon to act selflessly every day. Family life calls us to share selfless love with one another. God is the model for us of selfless love. There was no need for God to create our planet or the creatures that inhabit it; it was an act of selfless love. There was also no need for God to send his only Son to save us. That too was an act of selfless love. As we draw closer to God and the mystery of the Trinity, we learn about God's love. God has lavished us with love in the persons of the Son and the Spirit, who in turn nurture in us the desire to do the same. When we open ourselves to be filled with an awareness of the divine life within us, we participate in the endless spiral of love that leads to eternal life. Whenever we share selfless love in the family, we are sharing in the life of the Trinity.

Marvelous Mystery Vacation Bible School registration is now open! The event will take place August 15-19th at St. Patrick’s in  Aurora. Contact the Faith Formation office: 315-252-3439  or  for more information and to register.

2022-2023 Faith Formation Year 

Registration is now open! We are also in need of catechists for all programs! Contact the Faith Formation office for more information!

Registrations Forms are in the church vestibules.