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When we consecrate ourselves to Mary, we give her our entire lives and selves as well as the merits of all our prayers and works in order to belong more fully to Our Lord. We give Mary everything we are and do to present to the Lord and use at her disposal. Why give Mary everything? Because she’s a good mom. She only wants what’s best for us and for all her children. Mary wants us to know, love, and serve Jesus more. She wants us to get to Heaven even more than we do. She’s invested in our happiness, both temporal and eternal. We will begin a 33 Day Preparation on July 13 for Consecration on the Feast of the Assumption. Next Sunday, June 26 there will be an informational meeting about Marian Consecration at 10:00am in St Mary’s Hall.      Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Pray for Us!

Building Strong Catholic Families

In our age, families often find that they are not eating meals together at a dinner table. Look back over the past week and recall how many meals were eaten together and how many meals were eaten alone or on the run. In the Bible, meals are seen as much more than a means to satisfy a physical need. The Hebrew people viewed eating a meal as a way of expressing and strengthening their   relationship  to one another under God's covenant. It is no coincidence that meals are often the setting of Jesus' teaching and miracles in the Gospels. Talk about the kinds of hungers that people have in addition to physical hunger. Describe the hungers that a family nourishes (love, compassion, forgiveness, laughter, and so on). Together give thanks for the food that Jesus gives us that we celebrate on this Sunday's feast of the Body and Blood of Jesus. Make a commitment to share in the Eucharistic meal together as a family.

Marvelous Mystery Vacation Bible School registration is now open! The event will take place August 15-19th at St. Patrick’s in  Aurora. Contact the Faith Formation office: 315-252-3439  or for more information and to register.

2022-2023 Faith Formation Year 

Registration is now open! We are also in need of catechists for all programs! Contact the Faith Formation office for more information!

Registrations Forms are in the church vestibules.

Summer Bible Study will begin on Wednesday July 6, 11:00am in Nacca Hall. We will be looking at the upcoming Sunday readings.