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What is a friend? A friend is someone who desires our good. The greatest good for any person is to go to Heaven, and the saints are truly our friends--they want to help us get to Heaven! One of the greatest aids to prayer is to read the lives and writings of the saints. Their lives act as inspiration for us to lead holy lives, and their instructions can guide us on how to develop our prayer lives. During the Easter Season get to know your patron saint and draw closer to them through prayer.                                                  Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Pray for Us!


Building Strong Catholic Families

Our family life would no doubt be enhanced if we were able to transform Jesus’ greeting into a central feature in our family’s interactions. After his Resurrection, “Peace be with you” is the first thing that Jesus says to his disciples. This could be our daily family prayer for one another. In today’s Gospel, we also hear that Jesus next breathed on his disciples and gave them the gift of the Holy Spirit. In Baptism, each of us has received the gift of the Holy Spirit as well as the forgiveness of sins. Peace is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Our Baptism, then, invites us to share in the peace that Christ gave to his disciples and commissions us to share that peace of Christ by generously forgiving others as Jesus taught. Discuss the two gifts Jesus gave to his disciples: peace and the Holy Spirit. What were the disciples to do with these gifts? (They were sent as Jesus was sent by the Father to forgive sins.) Since we also have received these gifts from Christ, we are also sent to be people who forgive others as Jesus taught. Determine an action that your family can do to share peace and forgiveness with one another. Pray together a prayer to the Holy Spirit.

Congratulations to Jacob Gentry who will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation April 28 at St. Mary Church in Auburn.


Upcoming dates:                  

April 24- Confirmation Year 2 Sponsor/Candidate, 9:15am, St. Mary Church

25- Confirmation Year 1, 6:30pm, St. Hyacinth Center

27- RCIA, 6:30pm, St. Hyacinth Center

28- Confirmation Day!                                                                                                                          3

30- 1st Communion Retreat, 9:30am, St. Hyacinth