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The final doxology, "For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours, now and forever," takes up again, by inclusion, the first three petitions to our Father: the glorification of his name, the coming of his reign, and the power of his saving will. But these prayers are now proclaimed as adoration and thanksgiving, as in the liturgy of heaven. The ruler of this world has mendaciously attributed to himself the three titles of kingship, power, and glory. Christ, the Lord, restores them to his Father and our Father, until he hands over the kingdom to him when the mystery of salvation will be brought to its completion and God will be all in all.   

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Pray for Us!


Building Strong Catholic Families    Palm Sunday, also called Passion Sunday, marks the beginning of Holy Week. During this week, we prepare ourselves for Easter by prayerful reflection upon the events of Jesus' passion and death. During this week, your family might display a crucifix in a prominent place as reminder of salvation Christ won for us. This can also serve as the focal point for family prayer during Holy Week. Families can make it a tradition to read a portion of this Sunday's Gospel each day of Holy Week, providing ample opportunity for children to ask questions and respond to the events described there. In this way, the entire week can become a “way of the cross.” Each day during Holy Week, the family can gather in a prayerful space with a crucifix as its focal point and read a portion of the Passion Narrative from Luke 22: 14-23:56

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April  10- Family of Faith, 9:30am, St. Mary’s

   10- Baptism Preparation Class, 1:00pm, St. Hyacinth Center

   13- RCIA/Adult Faith Formation, 6:30pm, St. Hyacinth Center