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Mary called herself the “handmaid” of the Lord. In some versions of the Gospel, handmaid is translated as servant. Mary models for us the grace of total submission to the will of the Father. To be God’s servant we must be willing to do whatever He asks of us.  Prayer is one of the ways that we can discover what God is asking of us. When we pursue a relationship with God, we prepare ourselves to respond to His call. During this month of May let us imitate Mary and say “Yes” to God’s Will daily.                                           

Building Strong Catholic Families Today's Gospel describes what we can easily imagine as a picnic on the beach. Just as Jesus' miracle at the wedding feast at Cana blesses the love between man and woman celebrated in the sacrament of marriage, Jesus' attentiveness to food and mealtimes raises the possibility that our meal gatherings can be sacred times. In families, the domestic church, our meals together are everyday opportunities to gather and recall Jesus' presence with us. As in the Eucharist, we bring the gifts that God has given us, which have been prepared especially for our Mass, and at our family meals we share gifts that God has given to us and that we have worked together to prepare. This includes the food on the table and also the people who gather around the table. We ask God to bless these gifts and to be present among us in all of our interactions. Pray together that Jesus will make his loving presence known in your family life. Pray together the Lord's Prayer.


Congratulations to our Confirmation Candidates who received the Sacrament of Confirmation by the Laying on of Hands this past Thursday at St. Mary’s! 

Bethany Christina Jump
George Christopher Ripley
Mary ElizabethElizabeth Nolan

Jenna Teresa Jump
Evan Francis Preuss
Jacqueline Maximilian Kolbe Grantz

Mia Gemma Guzzo
Jacob Michael Morrell
Michael Louis de Monfort Nolan

Thomas Thomas Indelicato
Madison Patrick Gannon
Christina Aurelia Donivan

Nick Michael Vitale
Jacob Michael Gentry